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Real EstateReal Estate

Ag. Services Inc. is owned by Harvey Mitchell, a licensed real estate broker in Ky. Our specialty is representing both buyers and sellers by finding and evaluating farm land. Whether working with individuals or investment organizations our goal is to make land ownership transfer successful. We understand both the personal significance of land ownership and the economics of agriculture and work to accomplish the goals of large and small investors alike. Evaluating property nationwide provides an opportunity to assist all parties with sound marketing and investment.


Agricultural ConsultingAgricultural Consulting

The purchase or sale of farmland is no simple matter. Selecting enterprises, defining profit potential and dealing with the complex farm tax regulations requires and evaluation of many options for success. Establishing goals, choosing enterprises that fit the marketing opportunity for any region and assisting with contracts is a specialty of Ag. Services Inc.


Land Resource ManagementLand Resource Management

If your goal is to build a successful farming operation then developing sound business plans is a must. Each farm is different and assisting the owner with budgeting, planning the enterprises, environmental analysis, finding financing and funding assistance, and farm analysis leads to satisfaction and success. Our goal is to help you meet your goals.